Monday, August 8, 2011

Why I do the work that I do...

THE BIG PICTURE | India, August 7: A young girl listens to instructions from her Taekwondo instructor during a practice session in New Delhi. [AP]

I was wandering on the Jezebel website this evening and I saw this image (the caption is taken from the website).  For some reason, it seemed to sum up exactly why I do the work that I do. I can't explain it so I won't try to.  But it touched me.

Spent the day wandering around Lincoln Park and showing friends from Oneonta around town.  Good food, good company, good cupcakes!  This is truly a wonderful city.  One moment we walked along the water and enjoyed the breeze.  Next looked at multi-million dollar homes.  Finally came back to my little place.  This is a good place.

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  1. This is a good place. I'm loving Chicago, Robin in Chicago, and million dollar homes. The Elks Club (national headquarters) is to die for and worth coming all this way and leaving behind Belleville IL. Thanks for a truly memorable cupcake!